Go Reactive with Actor Model

Vaughn Vernon (Shiftmethod)

Half-day workshop - in English

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Description: Learn the foundation of Reactive as a unique approach to software development, building on the primary tenets and system characteristics of Responsiveness, Resilience, Elasticity, and Message-Driven. From these we will build up to how Actor Model provides the tools needed for Reactive Systems. Finally we will take a deep dive into how to design and implement systems that use Actor Model with Akka for Scala and the JVM and Dotsero for .NET.

Primarily for:

Participant requirements: Participants may choose to install the Typesafe Platform with Scala and Akka (or use Akka with Java) for use with the JVM; if using .NET they may choose to install the Dotsero Actor Model toolkit from https://github.com/VaughnVernon/Dotsero