“Debugging” Your Agile Team: An Experiential Clinic

Johanna Rothman (Rothman Consulting Group, Inc)

Half-day workshop - in English

Does your team respect everyone on it? Are there times when it seems as if each person pulls in a different direction? You—and each person on the team—can assess how your team is doing, and learn to work together with collaborative practices. Once you see how to work together, you will be amazed at how fast you can accomplish work. Agile team members need to respect each other. And, sometimes people work in a way that doesn’t enhance the respect each person needs. You can create feedback loops, small-world networks, and micro-commitments that enhance respect and teamwork. In addition, you can decide on the collaborative practices that will help you make a better team.

This is a clinic for you to learn how to create a better environment for your team. We'll experience a project and then "debug" your practices and teamwork and see what might work better (or worse!). We will fail fast to learn fast. We will learn from each other and coach each other. We will see if our tips and traps work across teams or only within teams. Join this clinic to see what works for you and your team. (If you come to this workshop without a team, we will create a team from the solo people. You will learn what happens when you first create a team.)

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