Reinventing Yourself: Becoming a Change Artist and Leader

Johanna Rothman (Rothman Consulting Group, Inc)

Keynote - in English

In an agile transition, everything has to change, especially people who are change agents. How do you change so you align yourself with agile culture and values? You can start your change by changing your mindset to be one of change artistry and leadership.

Agile is about the ability inspect and adapt to change. Can we, as humans adapt in an agile way to our new circumstances? You don’t need to change your title. You might not need to change where you sit in the organization. You will need to change your mindset to be that adaptable and to help change the organization.

Johanna will discuss how you can develop an agile mindset, seeing and living the “art of the possible.” We’ll discuss how your mindset influences your change artistry tools, and maybe even what you call yourself. We’ll see how to learn from small successes and continue to make progress, as you change yourself and your organization.

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