Getting started with TypeScript in an AngularJS app

Eirik Årdal (Bouvet ASA)

Short workshop - in English

Approved_talk approved

JavaScript is conquering the world and us developers are scrambling to follow the trends, one uncaught type error, one undefined is not a function, one hair-pulling, frustrating debug session at a time. To solve the issues (features?) we stumble upon, we hunt for TheOneFramework.js that will "solve" JavaScript once and for all.

Enter TypeScript.

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which is built on, and compiles to, JavaScript. TypeScript introduses type safety to the JavaScript world, and with it you get interfaces, generics, lambdas, enums, classes, modules, constructors, public/private members, and more.

AngularJS is the most pupular MVV* framework these days with good reasons. It introduces sorely needed concepts such as dependency injection and clear separation between presentation, presentation logic, data retrieval, testability and much more to the front end.

This workshop is a hands-on introduction to TypeScript set in the context of an AngularJS application. Angular is used just to provide a platform on which we can build something with TypeScript. The workshop does not cover Angular training (what it is, the basics, etc) due to the limited time frame. You will get by fine with a I-know-the-basics-but-have-not-done-any-big-projects-with-angular level of knowledge.


Primarily for: Developers

Participant requirements: A laptop with Node (npm) installed. Any IDE like (but not limited to) Visual Studio, Web Storm, IntelliJ or SublimeText.