Hot or Not? Let's vote with Polymer

Borghild Vikøyr (EVRY)
Wenche Tollevsen (Miles)

Half-day workshop - in English

Approved_talk approved

Web Components, the new kid on the block, is a collection of standards that enable encapsulation of components, which can be reusable with the power of HTML Imports, Shadow DOM, templates  and Custom Elements. And joining the new wave of web development is Polymer, a library that provides a declarative syntax to make it easier to define custom elements.

Remember Tande-P and his mentometer button to get the audiences vote by pushing the button or not?

In this workshop we will explore Polymers declarative pixie dust by building an mentometer app to find out if Polymer is Hot or Not.

Primarily for: Developers

Participant requirements: Laptop with git, npm and preferably bower and gulp. Or bring a friend with one.