How making games can turn you into a better developer

Ricki Sickenger (Sonat Consulting AS)

Lightning talk - in English

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So you think you know everything you need to know about development? You use the latest and greatest javascript frameworks, displayed in lovely responsive mobile first awesomeness and backed by node.js.

Maybe you are the company's enterprise wizard, delivering massive computing power from a distributed network of Akka-based actors, using event sourcing for persistence with MongoDB as the event storage?

You might be awesome, but you probably don't know shit about how to render a 3D scene at a stable 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution, on a mobile phone, making sure user input is responsive, while streaming textures, sounds and 3d-models into memory as needed.

And why should you?

Because knowing some of this will make you better at the other stuff you do.

I will tell you how to think like a game developer. I will show how learning game development will make you better at resource management, optimizing and agile thinking. Game development is agile by default, and I will tell you how you can use that in other developer environments.