Why do we lose so many developers to project management?

Kari Bergh Schjønsby (BEKK Consulting)

Lightning talk - in English

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I have the best job in the world. Every day I get to challenge myself, both creatively and logically. Every day I learn something new. I create things that help people and make their lives better. To top it all off I get to do this with other people, in a team.
What do I do? I think you guessed it. I'm a developer.

But despite this, despite having the best job in the world, it seems that many developers can't wait to get away from development. They would rather count other people's hours, and argue about contracts with difficult clients. Why? Do they really want want to manage projects? Or do they want to get away from development at any cost?

To find out, I've done a little survey. In this talk I'll share the results with you.